Who We Are

CF Contractor is an Umbrella Company based on the outskirts of Chester.

For those that are new to contracting, the different work statuses and contracting solutions can be daunting. Self-Employed, Umbrella or Limited Company are often discussed when starting contractor positions but what do they mean?

Limited Company

The contractor sets up a PSC (Personal Service Company) and is an employee, director and shareholder of the company.


The contractor becomes an employee of the Umbrella Company and has a full contract of employment and full statutory rights.


Sometimes referred to as a “Sole-Trader”. The contractor registers for self-assessment and completes a tax return at year end.

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Why CF Contractor?

A full contract of employment

Continuous Employment is important when it comes to applying for credit. For those taking their first steps into contracting, link all of your temporary assignments into one ongoing contract of employment.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service. If you have any questions, just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Little Paperwork

After registering with us, the only paperwork we need on an ongoing basis from you is any expenses you wish to claim if eligible.

Statutory Rights

Unlike some of the other contracting options, being an employee of an Umbrella Company like CF Contractor means you are eligible for Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, SPP/SMP etc.

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